Webinar 2 | Youth and women empowerment in the horticulture sector: Overcoming challenges

The webinar took place on March 17, 2022. Click picture for recordings and report.

There is a growing need to access safe and nutritious foods for all. This is caused by the rising population and better educational opportunities in urban areas. This has led to the growth of the horticulture sector, which has created a positive impact by meeting the demands of various groups and individuals who struggle to acquire cheap and affordable nutritious diets, resulting from their low socio-economic status. Meanwhile, more farmers and stakeholders in horticultural sectors seek to increase their impact as demands for sustainably produced and nutritious foods continue to rise. Similarly, governments and other enablers have become more aware of their key role in supporting sector growth through conducive and enabling environments.

In this light, horticultural sectors show a great potential in achieving food and nutrition security, as well as increasing stakeholders’ income while producing sustainable produce. Therefore, the webinar series will discuss the potential pathways for achieving an inclusive horticulture sector that promotes youth and women empowerment opportunities.

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