Webinar 3 | Policy decision making on food system transformation. Cases from Bangladesh and Nigeria.

This webinar took place on 31 March, 2022. Click picture for recordings and report.

Representatives from Embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands responsible for international development programmes in Bangladesh and Nigeria reflected on their experiences putting food systems transformation into their practice. With increased interest in the use of the food system framework in Dutch Food Security and Nutrition programming, there is a need for more practical insights on how this framework guides and structures investment portfolios and how these unfold in practice. Our third webinar aimed to explore this practice together with embassy representatives responsible for collaboration in Bangladesh and Nigeria. For each country, we have invited a sector specialist responsible for food security and nutrition. They are complemented by the water management sector specialist in Bangladesh and the agricultural councillor responsible for Nigeria. Each team shared some of their journeys in food system interventions and explore distinct but also common perspectives. We explored how food system thinking, even though not always explicit, guides and supports their practice in the management of their distinct investment portfolios.

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